Girl Power – International Women’s Day

Girl Power – International Women’s Day

Hey lovelies! We have reached the third month of the year which brings us International Women’s Day on the 8th March and Mother’s Day on the 11th! March is definitely a female-empowering month. Here I have put together some of my favourite fashion picks to help you ‘run the world’ not only in March, but the rest of the year also.

  1. Casual Cute

This is the ‘Becca Lace-Up Back Jumper’ which is available in multiple colours however ‘Autumn Leaves’ (featured above) is my personal preference. This can be worn in cooler weather – styled with a puffy jacket, or on it’s own for the summer. I would wear this with denim jeans, denim shorts or a denim skirt.

2. Sophisticated Style

As seen above, the ‘Carolyn Smart Cardigan’ is a way to up your casual game as well as staying warm. This is calling all girl bosses out there who want to amplify their look. The grey colour suits all clothing that you pair up with it, however there is an alternate ‘Wine Red’ option for anyone who is looking for a pop of colour.

3. Dainty Details

The weather is getting sunnier, and I know some of you reading may be located in warm countries so I thought the ‘Fiona Playsuit’ was perfect to include. The detail on this playsuit is incredible which makes it perfect for a casual or dressy occasion. You can even purchase it in advance so you are ready for the summer. Style with some cute sunnies and you’re good to go!

4.  Boho beauty

The ‘Boho Off Shoulder Floral Maxi Dress’ is the most beautiful spring dress I have come across. This dress is very well designed for windy weather and is perfect to wear both indoors and outdoors with flats or sandals. It is at the top of my wishlist and I have never seen anything like it before, a minimalistic dress which looks very elegant.

5. Shabby Chic

I need a cosy coat like this in my life! A ‘Laura Shaggy Coat’  provides you with all the warmth and quirkiness you need in the seasons changing from winter to spring. Coats like this are very fashionable at the minute and add confidence to your OOTD. I would style this over a casual outfit or a fitted dress, you can mix and match different looks with this edgy-baby-pink coat.

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Fashion Collab – Qsntl fashion

Fashion Collab – Qsntl fashion

Hey guys! In today’s post I am collaborating with Qsntl fashion on one of their stunning dresses. If you haven’t heard of Qsntl fashion, they are a company on Instagram who sell fashion and jewellery products on their website based on what they post on their Instagram. The items and prices of products their posts are tagged – linking it to their store which makes shopping for your favourite products ten times easier. Be sure to check out their page for affordable items. There is a link for their Instagram at the end of this post.

Qsntl have kindly sent me one of their dresses to talk about with you today. All photos featured in this post have been either taken or modelled by me.



This is Qsntl’s strapless ‘Knitted Ruffle Mini Dress’ in a beige colour. Their website and Instagram advertise this as a white dress, however the beige colour is wearable, also. My first impressions are that this dress is very comfortable and is made from a stretchy material which makes it fit perfectly. The ruffles are my favourite part about the dress. You can wear this for any occasion or even as a top if you fold it slightly and tuck it in your jeans, trousers etc.

The only down side to it is that it is slightly see-through meaning is not something I would wear on it’s own – but you can style it with shorts underneath is you wish to. For me, I would wear a skirt of a similar or complementing colour like the one photographed below or jeans on top of it. To style in cold weather wear a jean, bomber or leather jacket over the whole outfit.


Overall I definitely recommend that you have a look at their pages which are full of interesting, trendy and stylish products – you can do so by clicking the links below:

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How to find your Instagram theme

How to find your Instagram theme

Hey lovelies! I am so grateful your support from this blog and my Instagram and am happy you like the content. I have received comments and questions about my Instagram feed in the past and sometimes people ask me in person, however recently I got to 100 posts on Instagram and so I thought – there’s no time like the present. Here are a few tips and tricks I have gained from frequently posting on Instagram for almost the past year.


1. Find your niche

Whether your a foodie or a fashion-lover, or even someone who wants to post about a few things, make sure you stick to this as it helps your feed to look tidier. Choose a topic that you are likely to continue posting about in the future. People who see your page will be more attracted to an account which sticks with the same content rather than someone who changes their theme or ‘topic’ all the time.

2. Get inspired by other people

If you’re a foodie and you are planning to post all about that topic, search a food blogger that you are interested in on Instagram and look through their page, by all means don’t copy their feed but this will help you if you’re not that creative as it can give you ideas on how to begin. Some accounts which are not food related may also help you out with the style of your feed.

3.  Post visible pictures

I’m a big fan of the ‘do what you love’ saying, however, part of doing what you love includes being able to see the photos – this doesn’t include black and white photos. Take photos in bright settings or simply turn the brightness up using an editing tool. Invest in a camera or newer phone for high quality pictures.

4.  Use your last picture to help you figure out the next

If you have just posted something including a red jumper for example, for your next post wear a colour of lipstick which is similar. This is helpful when you don’t know how to continue with the same style of posts.

5. Edit your posts in the same way

If you have high saturation on one post and high brightness on the next, your posts are going to look very different. Make sure you are using the same editing tools in all of your pictures, but don’t go overboard!


6. Use similar filters

Again, don’t overuse this as the quality of your photos is going to get worse if you use 3 filters over each other. The Instagram app offers a wide range of filters, they aren’t the greatest (there’s about 3 different ones I have used before) so if you don’t like them then there is a few apps such as Snapseed and others that are popularly used.

7. Know that your feed may change

I dont recommend using feed dividers as your feed will look neater as it progresses into its change. It’s great if your feed stays the same but due to season changes the weather will not always stay the same and neither will your lighting.

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How I take Instagram pictures

How I take Instagram pictures


I have been taking pictures for as long as I can remember, taking up all the storage on a tiny disposable camera. Last year I started posting more frequently. I’m not an expert on photography (I’m still learning) and I’m definitely not Instagram famous, but its one of my favourite hobbies and I’ve been asked the question “how do you take Instagram pictures” a few times.

There isn’t a correct way to take pictures but here are tips that I have used / still use.

1. “Do what you love, love what you do”

Don’t take pictures if you hate doing it, there are many other hobbies out there and you  might progress to enjoy photography if you haven’t given it a chance already. Think of it as a way to express yourself and it’s okay to take inspiration from other people as long as you include individuality. It can take time, like any other hobby, so if you enjoy it it won’t seem that long.

2. What I take photos with

I take most of my photos on my phone, Sony ax camera and sometimes friends send them to me if they have taken the photo. If you’re going to make a business out of it you should invest in a good quality camera, but you can use your phone too for your personal Instagram. Tripods are also useful if nobody is around to take a photo of you and you should purchase a memory card with a good amount of storage if you plan on using a camera

3. Take lots, *lots* of photos

If you want your posts to be the best that they can be, you can easily find a photo you like this way… and delete the ones you don’t.

4. Be patient

You won’t always take a good photo. Most of the time when I take photos I only post one or two of that specific place and sometimes even none.

5. Have confidence

  • Try taking the picture from a different angle or experiment with different camera features.
  • If you’re in the picture change the way you are standing or posing so you have more options to choose from and try not to slouch.
  • If you’re taking a picture of someone else help them to not feel awkward
  • Post whatever makes you happy

6. Use filters

Filters will help you to make your photo stand out, but don’t go too crazy. Less is more. I often just use Instagram, but apps such as VSCO and Snapseed are great too. I will make blog posts on “how to keep a theme” and “how to edit Instagram posts” very soon.

7. Use an interesting environment

Try to post photos from different places

8. Take portrait and landscape pictures

These can include photos that are larger than the typical squared scale.

I think that’s all the main things you need to know on taking Instagram pictures, as you take more pictures you will know more tips that are helpful to you, but these are the ones that are relevant to anyone starting out. Leave any questions below or in the contact section. Check out my Instagram @georginaprisadnikova


New year, new posts

New year, new posts

Happy 2018, this year is going to be better than the last. I made a blogspot and posted a few blogs a few months ago but whenever I posted anything the text would disappear. So I started fresh and made this account, fingers crossed it goes well.

So why did I make a blog? A good friend suggested that I start one, and seeing as I read blogs here and there in the past, I thought it was a good idea. Vlogging would have been a close second but Youtube isn’t really ‘my thing’, I want a way to express myself by writing and something to put free time and effort into so here I am. I plan to continue with my idea of a photography, teen and lifestyle blogging but if you have any ideas comment them below.

Everyone has to start somewhere, I will be active on here but I won’t spam you with posts. If reading blogs simply isn’t for you then check out my Instagram which I post on frequently – @georginaprisadnikova